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The Four No-Zones Around a Truck

There are four “no-zones” that surround semi-trucks. A no-zone is an area around a semi-truck wherein most accidents occur. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 71 percent of fatal collisions involving two or more vehicles, including a truck, are caused by the other vehicle. Thus, many accidents involving semi-trucks are preventable if… Read more »

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Who’s Liable When a Truck Rolls Over?

Liability for a rollover accident involving a large truck is often assigned to the driver, the loader, the maintenance company, the entity operating the truck, or a combination of any of these. Many rollover accidents are not the result of a single cause and so it is necessary to determine what factors played a roll in… Read more »

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Why Trucks Roll Over and the Injuries Caused by Them

In a recent study of over 240 trucking rollover accidents across the country, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration states that most rollover crashes are due to driver errors that could be prevented. When trucking rollover accidents occur, truck injury lawyers commonly see serious injuries and fatalities to truck drivers, as well as drivers and… Read more »

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Why Semi-Trucks Topple Over

Semi-truck rollovers cause hundreds of fatalities to truckers and motorists every year. Even though they represent only 3.3% of all semi-truck accidents, rollovers are responsible for nearly 50% of all fatalities suffered by truck drivers nationwide. The following are the most commonly cited reasons seen by semi-truck accident lawyers for semi-trucks toppling over. Improper Loading… Read more »

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The Future of Trucking Technology

Technology is expected to curb the recent rise in fatalities associated with commercial trucks. A series of studies found that the Driver Warning System, the Integrated Safety System, and the Active Chassis Control Systems, among others, will be widely adopted by 2020 and result in significant reduction in fatalities. Trucks on the Road Commercial trucks form… Read more »

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Multi-Vehicle Truck Crashes Present Dangerous Risks

Thousands of people are injured or killed each year in multi-vehicle accidents involving large trucks. in 2013, 3,964 people were killed, and 95,000 were injured in collisions with large trucks. 274 of these died, and 17,000 were injured in accidents that involved multiple trucks or other vehicles. Recently, a crash on I-40 outside of Crossville highlighted the dangers of multi-vehicle… Read more »

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The Dangers of Improperly Loaded Trucks

Improperly loaded semi trucks can pose significant safety risks to the driver as wells as to other motorists and even pedestrians. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has developed very clear and specific guidelines that truckers, truck loaders and trucking companies are supposed to follow. Unfortunately, not everyone abides by these rules, and severe… Read more »

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Lower Speed Limits Could Reduce Accident Rates

Speed is dangerous and is cited as a contributing factor in a considerable number of truck accidents. As the number of vehicles traveling America’s roads continues to increase, the Department of Transportation (DOT) is considering a proposal that would limit the top speed of commercial motor vehicles. The DOT’s proposal would lower the speed limit to 60… Read more »

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Driver Fatigue is Being Blamed for the Increase in Truck Accidents

A Heavy Truck Crash Causation Study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) found that the truck driver was the critical reason for 87 percent of the truck crashes analyzed. Approximately 19 percent of the total accidents were due to driver fatigue. When a large truck… Read more »

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