October Proves Deadly for Motorists

by | Nov 15, 2018

October Proves Deadly for Motorists

During the time leading up to and including Halloween in October, motorists in Colorado need to take extra precautions to minimize their accident risks. In 2017, October had the second highest number of car accident fatalities with 3,700 deaths. Children and pedestrians are especially at risk during October. There are steps that motorists can take to mitigate their accident risks so that they can keep themselves and others safe.


Accident Dangers in October

According to the National Safety Council, 7,330 pedestrians were killed in both traffic and non-traffic accidents. Among the fatal incidents, 18 percent happened at intersections or crossings. October had the second highest number of deaths behind July with 3,700. On Halloween, children have twice the likelihood of getting killed as adults.


Reasons Why Halloween Is Dangerous

There are several factors that make Halloween especially dangerous for children and pedestrians. Most people go trick or treating from 5:30 pm to 9:30 pm. During that time frame, it gets darker making it harder for motorists to see pedestrians and children. Children might dart out into the roads. Many Halloween costumes are made out of dark materials. Some motorists may be out celebrating Halloween at parties where drinking occurs. All of these factors can combine to make fatal pedestrian accidents more likely to happen.


Mitigating the Risk of Accidents

There are several steps that people can take to mitigate the risk of accident involvement on Halloween. Parents may want to choose brightly colored costumes for their children or to place reflective tape on the costumes so that they can be seen. Responsible adults should accompany children while they trick or treat so that they don’t run out into traffic. Motorists should never drink and drive at any time, including Halloween. When people are driving, they should obey the speed limits and watch for pedestrians on the sidewalks, recognizing that children may suddenly try to dash across the roadways. Drivers should also watch out for children who are on curbs or in medians as they may try to cross without warning.

Parents should discourage teens from driving on Halloween. They might be likelier to cause auto accidents by failing to see children who are wearing dark costumes. Finally, people should not wear masks that make it difficult for them to see and should exercise caution when they prepare to cross the streets.