Slip and Fall

Premises Liability claims cover a very unique corner of Colorado law. The most commonly known type of premises liability cases are slip and falls. However, there are many other versions of a premises liability case – such a civil rights violations, preventable assaults, and construction defects – and many ways to protect the interests of injured parties. 

The first rule of thumb for a premises case, or a slip and fall, is that it cannot simply be treated like any other injury claim.

If you are injured on a premises, your case should not be treated the same way as an auto accident claim. In an auto case, the claim can be as simple as red car hits blue car and the red car pays. However, with slip and fall cases, the complexities abound. When our team takes on a premises case, we do so with a great deal of consideration and forethought.

Most commonly, when a person falls on property owned by another, somewhere along the line a system failure occurred. Someone failed to institute a process or procedure that would have protected the injured party, and as a result of that failure, the injury occurred. It is rarely as simple as water was on the floor and someone slipped. More often, these types of cases involve “powers that be” who should have made a decision to protect the public and and didn’t.

In order to properly handle a premises claim, experts, investigators, and skilled attorneys must work together from the very beginning to identify where the system error occurred and how it affected the safety of the injured party.

Delays are devastating, and the failure to engage in a full investigation can mean the difference between having a viable claim and having no claim at all.

Our team is experienced in investigating, proving, litigating, and settling cases of injuries on property. We have had claims in stores, at apartment complexes, on ice and snow, in schools, on sidewalks, and in residential homes or businesses.

We are equipped with the experts and investigators we need to start your claim off right from the very beginning. We will do the work while you focus on what is important. We will do the right work the right way.

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