Do I need a Police Report?

Do I Need a Police Report?

The short answer is YES. From fender benders to major vehicle accidents, obtaining a police report is crucial to not only establish the details of the accident, but to determine liability as well. Depending on the nature of the accident, an officer may give you the option to submit your own report online or allow them to make a report themselves. The best choice is to let the officers do the report while on scene so no vital information gets missed. And if some reason you are required to submit your own report (ex: no officer on scene), we recommend you do it ASAP so details about the accident are not forgotten that could potentially affect your case. In Colorado, the law states you have 60 days from the date of the accident to file your report. Even though Colorado law does not require police reports for minor collisions that are less than $1,000 in property damage and do not result in the other party being injured or deceased, it can benefit you in the long run to report it to the proper agency as it contains details that will help insurance companies while working this claim.

But what type of information is on the police report that makes it so important? It contains where the accident happened, what time, who was involved, who were the witnesses, photographs of the scene, officer observations, a diagram of what happened and how fast the parties were driving. Besides that, the report will also show if and who received a citation, which will make it much easier for insurance companies to determine liability.

We understand how scary it can be to be involved in a car accident and we know the first thing you want to do is go home and try to put it past you, however we strongly encourage you to take the extra time needed to allow police officers evaluate the scene and make a police report that could make a difference in your insurance claim.

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Don’t Delay Medical Treatment After a Car Wreck

Don’t Delay Medical Treatment After a Car Wreck

Don’t Delay Medical Treatment After a Car Wreck

Delaying medical treatment after a car wreck could jeopardize your health and car insurance claim. Seeking prompt medical care is crucial for several reasons:

  • Any apparent injuries could get worse
  • You may have suffered “delayed” injuries that are not apparent immediately after a car accident
  • If you have suffered delayed injuries, further delaying treatment could exacerbate your symptoms and lead to a slower and longer recovery period, long-term disability, or death
  • Seeking immediate medical attention demonstrates that you were concerned that you may have been injured at the time of the accident
  • You will create a record of your medical evaluations, diagnosis, and treatment, which may be necessary for your financial recovery

How Can Delaying Going to the Hospital Hurt My Claim, And Will I Lose My Right To File a Car-Wreck Claim?

No. Even if you waited several days after an accident to go to the hospital, you may still file a claim for damages. Most states (like Kentucky) provide a 2-year window after an accident to file a personal injury claim. However, Tennessee provides a shorter statute of limitations period of only 1 year.

However, do not think that because you have 2 years to assert your claim, it is okay for you to delay seeking medical attention. You should begin recording evidence of your injuries right away. Therefore, it is critical for your physical health and ability to succeed in your personal injury claim to obtain medical attention as soon as possible. Delaying going to the hospital does not prohibit your claim, but it makes it more difficult to prove that you were injured in the accident.

To succeed in a claim for damages, you must be able to show that any injuries for which you are seeking compensation actually occurred during the accident. The longer you wait to obtain medical confirmation that you have suffered an injury, the more likely the negligent party will claim that you did not sustain your injuries in the accident but rather by engaging in some other activity after the accident.

Contact Queener Law if you’ve been hurt in a car wreck You need to speak with an experienced car accident attorney as soon as possible. Schedule your free consultation today.



Don’t Fall for a Quick Check from the Insurance Company

Attorney Henry Queener

Attorney Henry Queener

To car insurance companies, it makes more business sense to pay out a minimal settlement amount rather than work with you to resolve your claim. Insurance adjusters may try to coax car wreck victims into settling their claims quickly with low-ball offers or quick checks. Having your claim open costs the insurance company time and money. Bottom line: Don’t fall for a quick check from your insurance company. It may cost you later.

Unfortunately, what most car wreck victims don’t understand is this:

When car wreck victims sign a quick check, they have entered a binding contract representing themselves. They have settled both their bodily injury and property damage claim for one lump sum.

Often, car wreck victims will start seeing unresolved issues, like unpaid medical bills. They may begin to receive collection notices for past medical bills for which they are responsible. Their health insurance company may refuse to pay due to injuries sustained in a car wreck. Their medical treatment may be more intensive than initially thought.

When car wreck victims represent themselves, they may find themselves in a trap they didn’t know existed with car insurance companies. Even a minor accident with minor injuries can result in a financial downfall when uninformed decisions are made. Hiring a personal injury lawyer like Henry Queener will ensure that car wreck victims get the best outcome. Let our highly experienced legal team work for you while you focus on recovering.

Contact Queener Law today for a free consultation.



Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney After a Car Wreck

Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney After a Car Wreck


Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney After a Car Wreck

How Much Does It Cost?


Hiring a personal injury attorney after a car wreck should be the first thing you do. With Queener Law, you’ve got a great team who’s going to work for your best interest against the insurance company. When we take your case, we handle everything. We gather evidence and hire experts to prove your case. When finish your medical treatment, we gather medical records and bills to submit to the insurance company.

Don’t try to figure out the rules of the crazy insurance game by yourself when you can have a team of professionals that know how these insurance companies work.

All you need to do is focus on your medical care so that you can get back to where you were before the car wreck happened. Hiring Queener Law after a car wreck allows you to not worry about dealing with lost future earning capacity or the reduced ability to earn a living for yourself and your family. Remember, the insurance adjuster only wants to close your claim as quickly and cheaply as possible. This could be very detrimental to your physical, mental and financial health.

Leave it to Queener Law to play the car wreck game and take care of the insurance companies for you.

We work on a contingency basis, meaning that we handle all the upfront costs and only get paid when you receive a settlement. This depends on the amount of the settlement and case expenses. Contact us today for a free case evaluation and with any question.

What should people look for when seeking legal representation for a car wreck case?

What should people look for when seeking legal representation for a car wreck case?


What should people look for when seeking legal representation for a car wreck case? In my opinion lawyers are a lot like doctors. So, if you’re going to have a shoulder surgery go to an orthopedic doctor who specializes in shoulder surgeries. Your odds of a greater outcome will increase.

Likewise with attorneys, if you have been involved in a serious accident with a tractor trailer, hire a personal injury attorney who has extensive knowledge of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety rules and regulations. Please don’t hire the local criminal lawyer or the estate attorney who handled your mom’s will. If you hire an attorney who does a little bit of everything…you know the saying, “jack of all trades, master of none”.  How does this attorney stay on top of all those different areas of law? They don’t.

It is very important to do your research and ask questions when you hire anyone. When you call an attorney for a consultation, it’s okay to ask what types of personal injury cases the attorney has handled. Ask how often they go to trial and if they have experience working with your specific type of car wreck injuries.

Insurance companies also factor in the capabilities of the attorney on the other side. Your car wreck settlement can be affected by your attorney’s knowledge and abilities to work through the case. Choose who you hire very carefully.