Hit and Run

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Hit and Run

Under Colorado law, it is a crime to leave the scene of a wreck, even when no one is injured. Breaking this law is considered a hit-and-run and can result in serious penalties, including fines and imprisonment. Many people, though, are afraid of facing the consequences of their actions. Hit and runs continue to be a big issue for Colorado residents. Drivers involved in collisions must stop and take certain actions after a crash. There is even a requirement under Colorado law to render aid to the victim of the collision, if able, and exchange personal information. However, if a driver is uninsured, under the influence, driving on a suspended or revoked license, or does not have permission to drive the vehicle, they may not wait around to follow the rules.

When the dust settles, call our experienced team. Colorado law requires that insurance companies offer uninsured motorist coverage in an amount equal to your bodily injury limits. As long as you have not elected to waive that coverage, your injuries and property damage can be covered by your own insurance company. Your carrier is required to cover these types of collisions without raising your rates, dropping you, or punishing you in any way. 

Talking to the Insurance Company After Injury

If you are involved in a hit-and-run collision, do not attempt to chase down the at-fault party. Stay at the scene and call the police. Make sure that you and any others in your vehicle get the medical care needed. If you are able, try to gather any information available, like witness names or photographs of debris from the vehicles.

BEWARE: Your insurance company is not your friend, nor are they there to help you. They will immediately step into the shoes of the hit-and-run driver and defend against you. Even though your insurance company collects a premium from you every month, they have internal obligations – such as looking after their shareholders – that often supersede the priorities of you, their regularly paying customer. From the minute you call and report the collision, your insurance company is collecting what they need to protect their own interests against yours.

While your insurance company is building a case AGAINST you, we will be building a case FOR you. We will gather the evidence we need to prove your claim and seek out the compensation you are due under Colorado law. Dealing with the intricacies of a hit-and-run collision can be grueling. We will take on the difficult and complicated work while you focus on what’s important.