Discovery Services

How many times have you felt like you can’t watch the damages side of your case because you have to keep your eyes so focused on the discovery? How often have you wished you could pass off the discovery to someone else so you could focus on driving the damages?

What about passing off the discovery to someone else who will make the discovery drive the value, as well?

That’s the point of the Discovery Consulting Services offered by Jennifer.

Learn more about Jennifer’s methods of increasing value through discovery in her presentation Handling Disputes in Written Discovery for TrialGuides

What Do The Services Include?

Consulting Attorney Clients meet with Jennifer in an initial free consultation to discuss their case in order to design the package that is most appropriate for the needs of the case, taking into account its potential value versus cost, the needs of the Attorney-Client and their team, and the weight of the discovery in this matter.

Available services include:

  • Drafting the CMO
  • Reviewing and Analyzing Defendant Rule 26(a)(1) Disclosures
  • Recommending Conferrals and Dispute Procedures RE Rule 26(a)(1) Disclosures
  • Drafting Initial Discovery Requests
  • Reviewing and Analyzing Responses to Written Discovery
  • Recommending Conferrals and Dispute Procedures RE Written Discovery Responses
  • Developing Liability Strategy
  • Drafting a Rule 30(b)(6) Depo Notice
  • Prepping for a Rule 30(b)(6) Deposition
  • Taking a Rule 30(b)(6) Deposition
  • Drafting and Providing Consultation Report with Post-Discovery Recommendations
  • Post-Deposition A-La-Carte Services Based on Report Recommendations

The cost of the Consulting Package varies depending on the services selected and the size of materials required for review and analysis. 

What Can I Expect?

In addition to the initial free consultation meeting, Jennifer will engage in regular follow-up zoom or phone calls to keep the ball rolling on discovery. She can – at your approval – file a Limited Entry of Appearance in order to access filed documents without extra work or responsibility on your team.

Jennifer will lead the charge on all discovery strategies by way of prompting you when Requests are ready for your review and edit, sending you notes post-review of disclosed documents and Responses and advising regarding potential disputes. However, your name will appear on all filings and conferrals. Jennifer will take no credit for any wins or successes in your case and will always remain in the background.

The only exception to this is the Rule 30(b)(6) deposition, if you choose to have Jennifer take the deposition. Jennifer has a long history of deposing corporations and commercial trucking companies, and has a specific – some say notorious – strategy for setting up the case for value and operational pressure post-deposition. Jennifer can either take the deposition for you or guide you through that process, whichever is your preference.

Contact Jennifer O’Connell at 720.696.9088 or to discuss consulting services for your case discovery today!