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Car Accident Photos Capture Crucial Details

Taking pictures immediately after people have been involved in accidents can help to preserve crucial evidence of what occurred and which driver was at fault. Photographs can help prove the liability of a driver while also helping convince insurance companies that settling is a wise choice. Pictures can show the angles at which the vehicles… Read more »

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When Defective Traffic Signals or Devices Caused Your Crash

Traffic lights in Colorado sometimes malfunction or are defective and cause accidents, leading to questions of liability. When a defective traffic light contributes to the cause of an accident, the municipality in which it is located might be liable. Proving liability may require the help of experts such as accident reconstructionists and civil engineers to… Read more »

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Traffic Fatalities Are Climbing in Denver

While the overall number of crash deaths in the United States has decreased slightly, the motor vehicle accident fatality rate has been increasing in Denver, making it one of the highest per capita among large cities. Denver’s accident fatality rate is much higher than the rates of some large cities such as New York and… Read more »

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Does Loud Music Impact the Safety of Your Drive?

Listening to loud music can negatively impact a driver’s reaction times and driving abilities. Studies indicate that listening to certain types of music can reduce driver aggression and stress, but tempo, volume, and type may play a significant role in driver performance. If drivers are distracted by loud music, they may fail to react in… Read more »

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Are Drivers Paying Attention when Autopilot Is in Use?

A recent crash in Utah has raised concerns that drivers may be inattentive when they are using autopilot, failing to react and take control when doing so is needed. When the woman crashed into a stopped firetruck while she was traveling at 60 mph in her Tesla with the autopilot system engaged, her hands had… Read more »

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Death of Trapped Teen Raises Awareness About Improving Emergency Response Systems

A tragic incident involving a teen that died after calling 911 while trapped in his van highlights problems with emergency response centers nationwide, including in Tennessee. The center and others like it have been plagued with inadequate staffing, training issues, and outdated technology for years, and the failure to take prompt action could result in… Read more »

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Teaching Teens to Stay Safe Behind the Wheel

Teen driving fatalities have been increasing in Tennessee and in the rest of the country, making it important for parents to teach their teens to drive safely. Teaching safe driving practices may help to save the lives of teens as well as those of others who are on the roads around them. Teen drivers have… Read more »

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Loose Lug Nut Season: When Tires Take Flight

In Tennessee, some accidents are caused by tires separating from vehicles on the highways that then crash into other cars. While these types of accidents are rare, some motorists are seriously injured or killed when their vehicles are struck by flying tires. Tires may separate from vehicles because their lug nuts have not been tightened… Read more »

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Voice Command Helps Older Drivers Stay Focused on the Road Ahead

Infotainment systems that use single-voice commands help older drivers keep their attention focused on the roads much better than multi-step systems or manipulating knobs on the dashboard. Single-step voice command systems help drivers by reducing the amount of visual distraction. With multi-step voice command systems, researchers have found that as age increases, the systems become… Read more »

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