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Getting Your Medical Bills Paid the Right Way

“The insurance company said they’d pay all my medical bills. Now they only want to pay a fraction of what I owe!’ We have heard this complaint almost daily in our decades of practice. What’s the reason and who’s the culprit? Of course, every story like this begins with the fact that car insurance companies… Read more »

Getting Your Medical Bills Paid the Right Way

Climate Change: A Total Hottie

Does climate change effect travel or does travel effect climate change? Should you take planes, trains, automobiles, maybe even a cruise?

Climate Change: A Total Hottie

I-25: Gridlock Defined

Ever driven on I-25? Then enough said. CDOT has heard our continuous gripes, as well as the stats on the horrific number of wrecks that happen at the 6th Avenue/Auraria interchange. Plans are being made to address the gridlock, and CDOT has requested that the community participate. Click here to participate in the survey regarding the project… Read more »

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In a War Between Hovercraft and Scooters, Who Wins?

Hovercraft, self-driving vehicles, autonomous buses — all modern innovations touted by the Tech Gods as the next greatest technology to hit our city streets. Just weeks ago, Tesla and other innovators debuted their versions of Jetsons-like vehicles in blue-print and digital formats at tech-gatherings across the world. And we’ve all seen YouTube videos of autonomous vehicle testing,… Read more »

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Citations Down, Fatalities Up. Whodunnit?

On Friday, February 1, Denver Police Officers hit the highways, sweeping for speeders in what they refer to as a “saturation patrol.” And according to Jon Murray at The Denver Post, officers cited 101 drivers and warned 21 others. The average radar clock: 80 mph. The winner of the day: 110mph. The Denver Police Department recently… Read more »

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The Smoke and Mirrors of Marijuana and Traffic Safety

The conversation about whether legalization of recreational marijuana affects road safety is a common one in Colorado. Thirty-three states have legalized medical marijuana, while nine states in addition to Colorado have legalized recreational marijuana. The public seems to be continually moving towards acceptance of recreational use, but our communities are still worried about potential negative… Read more »

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October Proves Deadly for Motorists

During the time leading up to and including Halloween in October, motorists in Colorado need to take extra precautions to minimize their accident risks. In 2017, October had the second highest number of car accident fatalities with 3,700 deaths. Children and pedestrians are especially at risk during October. There are steps that motorists can take… Read more »

October Proves Deadly for Motorists

This Common Car Accident Injury Leads to Long Term Complications

Whiplash is a common type of car accident injury in Colorado that can cause long-term complications for some victims that can reduce the quality of their lives. People who are involved in auto accidents should promptly seek medical attention. Some people may not initially recognize that they have been injured. Whiplash injury symptoms may not… Read more »

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