Auto Insurance Company Myths

There are a number of auto insurance company myths that cause considerable confusion for those who are injured in car accidents. At Queener Law, our Nashville auto accident lawyer focuses on helping clients deal with the aftermath of a car accident, and is dedicated to helping clients injured in car accidents obtain full and fair money damages for their injuries. The following are a number of myths and facts that you need to know about auto insurance companies.


Myth #1: Insurance companies can accurately assess who was at fault.

FACT: An insurance company may try to tell you that the accident was your own fault. For instance, if you were rear-ended, the insurance company might say that your brake lights weren’t bright enough or were dirty, and for that reason, you are at fault for the accident. But insurance companies are often incorrect in their assessment. Moreover, claims adjusters are not lawyers and they may not understand the legal issues involved in the auto accident claim.


Myth #2: The insurance company paid my property damage so they cannot say that the car crash was partly my fault.

FACT: In many of the cases that we have handled that went to trial, the insurance company paid the property damage claim, but then refused to pay for injuries – including medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering – by arguing that the injured party was partially negligent. While these cases can be challenging, we can help you get the full money damages that you are owed.


Myth #3: The insurance company wrote a letter saying that they would pay the claim, so now they are obligated to pay for the car crash.

FACT: In reality, insurance companies can change their mind about auto accident compensation at any point in the claim process. Motorists often choose cheap insurance companies, rather than looking at insurance company ratings, and they receive inadequate claim coverage in the event of an accident. Moreover even some of the best car insurance companies may not provide the appropriate amount of coverage. A car accident lawyer can help you deal with the automobile insurance companies so that you get a full and fair auto accident settlement.


Myth #4: The insurance company will pay my medical bills.

FACT: Insurance companies do not necessarily pay health care providers directly. Rather, it is your obligation to pay the medical bills. You can then seek money damages from the insurance carrier for the medical expenses incurred. If your medical providers are not paid the correct amounts, the health care provider may proceed with debt collection, which can negatively impact your credit score.

A car accident lawyer can guide you through the aftermath of an auto accident to ensure that your medical bills get paid and that you receive compensation for all of your medical expenses. Moreover, we have experience working with a number of health insurance carriers, including Tricare and Humana Military, and will communicate with the carrier regarding payment of medical bills.


Myth #5: Insurance companies have access to medical records and accident reports.

FACT: Although insurance companies carefully assess each claim, they are not necessarily motivated to discover all medical records and evidence regarding your claim. Rather, they often evaluate the information that is provided to them. For this reason, it is your responsibility to ensure that the insurance company has adequate documentation and proof to support your claim. Because this process can be confusing, time-intensive, and overwhelming, it is highly recommended that you retain a car accident lawyer.


Myth #6: Health insurance carriers and auto insurance carrier will cooperate with respect to your medical care.

FACT: In Tennessee, auto insurance companies can tell you what your health insurance balances are, but they have no obligation to confirm that the information is accurate. If the information that they provide is incorrect, and you actually owe a health care provider money for medical treatment, you will be the one responsible for the shortfall. The healthcare provider will come after you for payment – not the auto insurance company or the health insurance company – and you will be left without recourse against the auto insurance company to receive the correct amount of damages.


Don’t be confused by auto insurance company myths. It is highly recommended that you consult with an auto accident lawyer if you were injured in a car crash. Nashville car accident lawyer Henry Queener will verify your health insurance coverage, help ensure that healthcare providers are paid the correct amount, and fight to get you full compensation for all medical bills. Contact Queener Law at (615) 933-9000 to schedule a free consultation to learn more about the auto insurance claim process.