What to Do After an Auto Accident in Nashville

Nashville Car Accident Lawyers

At Queener Law, our Nashville car accident lawyer is dedicated to helping clients injured in car accidentstrucking accidentsmotorcycle accidentsbicycle accidents, and pedestrian accidents obtain full and fair money damages for their injuries. He is committed to guiding clients through the entire process, including dealing with the aftermath of an auto accident. The following describes what to do immediately following an auto accident, as well as what to do in the days and weeks after the car crash.

Immediately Following a Car Accident

  • Pull over, stop your vehicle, and turn on your hazard lights. You should never attempt to flee the scene of the accident, even if the accident seems minor and without injuries.
  • Contact the police. You should fully cooperate with the police, but make sure to communicate only the facts. Do not draw any legal conclusions, discuss issues of liability, or make any assumptions about the accident.
  • Seek medical attention. Some car accident injuries, such as whiplash, neck injuries, and back injuries, do not always show immediate signs or symptoms. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you seek medical attention even if you do not appear injured. Moreover, a medical record is necessary to support an auto accident claim and the more information you have, the more complete your medical record will be.
  • Exchange contact information with the other motorist(s) and witnesses. You should make sure to get the names, addresses, phone numbers, driver’s license numbers, license plate numbers, and insurance information of any other parties to the accident. You should also get the names and contact information of any witnesses to the accident.
  • Take photos of the accident scene. If you are able, you should take photos of the scene of the accident. Not only can the photos be used as evidence at trial, but they can also be helpful in refreshing your memory about the accident.
  • Inform your insurance company of the accident. Although most insurance companies require that policyholders notify them of any accidents, you should communicate only the facts about what happened. Do not draw any conclusions or make any assumptions. Do not sign any insurance documents or give a recorded statement without first consulting a car accident lawyer. Moreover, you are under no obligation to speak with the insurance company of the other motorist(s) involved in the accident.
  • Consult with a knowledgeable car accident attorney. You should seek legal advice before filling out insurance documents, giving recorded statements to an insurance company, signing legal documents, or meeting with any insurance company representative. A car accident lawyer can also help you understand your legal rights and pursue a car accident lawsuit, if necessary.
  • Obtain and maintain all important information regarding the auto accident, including police reports, medical records, and all receipts pertaining to your recovery following the auto accident.
  • Attend all doctor appointments and obtain necessary medical treatment. It is important that you follow doctors’ orders regarding medical treatment and that you do not miss any appointments. The failure to obtain necessary medical treatment could be seen as exacerbating the injuries and could negatively impact your case.
  • Pay medical bills as they become due. Contrary to some insurance company myths, insurance companies do not necessarily pay for medical treatment directly. Rather, it is your obligation to pay your own medical bills. You can then seek money damages from the insurance carrier for the medical expenses incurred. If your medical providers are not paid the correct amounts, the health care provider may proceed with debt collection, which can negatively impact your credit score.

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