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Is Your Local Water Park Making You Sick?

When Tennesseans swim in pools and waterparks, they could become sick due to waste byproducts called chloramines and disease-causing pathogens that are present in the water if disinfection efforts are performed incorrectly. Many pools are disinfected with chlorine, but chlorine can form chemical byproducts with urine, sweat, and other organic waste that people leave in… Read more »

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The Most Dangerous Times, Days and Months to Drive in Tennessee

While there is always a risk of being involved in a car accident in Tennessee, there are certain times, days and months that carry much higher risks. When people know when the most dangerous times to drive are during the year, they can take added precautions to reduce the likelihood that they will be involved… Read more »

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Are Large Truck Regulations Enough to Keep Our Roadways Safe?

The American trucking industry is heavily regulated, but regulations may not be enough to keep Tennessee roadways safe. Although other motorists and pedestrians depend on trucking companies and drivers to comply with the laws, it’s not uncommon for truckers and the companies they work for to blatantly ignore regulations, operating under the influence, without the… Read more »

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Will This Act Put Teen Truckers Behind the Wheel?

A Republican-sponsored bill in Congress would expand a pilot program under the FAST Act to allow drivers under the age of 21 who have commercial drivers’ licenses to drive large trucks across state lines, including in Tennessee. The previously passed pilot program allows drivers between the ages of 18 and 21 who are military veterans… Read more »

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When You Encounter a Dangerous Driver

When motorists are driving dangerously because they are drunk, distracted or aggressive, these dangerous drivers should be reported to authorities right away. People who witness reckless drivers should maintain a safe distance from motorists who are driving dangerously. They should have a passenger call 9-1-1, or pull over to call the police themselves as soon… Read more »

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The Impact of Vehicle Design on Pedestrian Safety

Many auto manufacturers are taking steps to redesign their vehicles to prevent or minimize pedestrian accidents and the injuries and deaths that result. New features like softer bumpers, modified front-ends, and pedestrian detection and avoidance systems help prevent pedestrian crashes and reduce the risk for traumatic brain injuries and limb injuries, the two most common… Read more »

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Is Fun Driving the Key to Safety?

In reaction to distracted and inattentive driving, Mazda has patented a new driver assistance technology that would engage drivers to make the driving experience more fun. The idea behind the technology is that drivers may become bored while they drive, leading them to glance away from the road on their mobile devices or other electronics…. Read more »

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The Inequality of Driving Deaths

Economically disadvantaged people are much likelier to be killed in motor vehicle accidents than their more advantaged counterparts due to unsafe roads, inadequate safety features in older cars and hindered access to trauma care. This inequality between disadvantaged and wealthier people has grown over time. The largest decreases in deaths have happened among people who… Read more »

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The Push to Prioritize Truck Safety Rules

Following an increase in truck accident fatalities over the past seven years, survivors and safety advocates are urging the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to finalize multiple safety regulations that have been placed on hold. Truck Safety Coalition members attended the nomination hearing of the new administrator of the FMCSA in Oct. 2017. They wanted… Read more »

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