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Truck Driver Shortage Puts Safety at Risk

The nationwide truck driver shortage could result in younger truckers behind the wheel of big rigs that cross state lines, raising the risk for truck accidents. Commercial drivers who are between the ages of 18 and 21 are six times likelier to be involved in fatal trucking accidents than older, more experienced drivers. The push… Read more »

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Are Drivers Paying Attention when Autopilot Is in Use?

A recent crash in Utah has raised concerns that drivers may be inattentive when they are using autopilot, failing to react and take control when doing so is needed. When the woman crashed into a stopped firetruck while she was traveling at 60 mph in her Tesla with the autopilot system engaged, her hands had… Read more »

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Jaywalking Accidents: Who’s at Fault?

Most people think that jaywalking accidents are the fault of the motorist, but under certain situations, the pedestrian may be partially or totally at fault. Liability in jaywalking accidents depends on proof of fault. Jaywalking Laws According to law, jaywalking violates pedestrian traffic laws set by each state. While it’s a low-level offense, most jurisdictions… Read more »

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Death of Trapped Teen Raises Awareness About Improving Emergency Response Systems

A tragic incident involving a teen that died after calling 911 while trapped in his van highlights problems with emergency response centers nationwide, including in Tennessee. The center and others like it have been plagued with inadequate staffing, training issues, and outdated technology for years, and the failure to take prompt action could result in… Read more »

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Teaching Teens to Stay Safe Behind the Wheel

Teen driving fatalities have been increasing in Tennessee and in the rest of the country, making it important for parents to teach their teens to drive safely. Teaching safe driving practices may help to save the lives of teens as well as those of others who are on the roads around them. Teen drivers have… Read more »

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Robotic Big Rigs Could Put More Pressure on Human Truckers

The move to autonomous trucks may place added stress on Tennessee truck drivers and lead to new dangers from fatigue, disengagement and the potential for cyber terrorism. While manufacturers tout the safety of autonomous vehicles, their advent has led to questions about liability and concerns about the reaction times of drivers when they are forced… Read more »

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Loose Lug Nut Season: When Tires Take Flight

In Tennessee, some accidents are caused by tires separating from vehicles on the highways that then crash into other cars. While these types of accidents are rare, some motorists are seriously injured or killed when their vehicles are struck by flying tires. Tires may separate from vehicles because their lug nuts have not been tightened… Read more »

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Hand-Free Systems Are Still a Distraction for Truckers

In Tennessee, truck drivers are prohibited from using their cell phones with their hands, but hands-free systems, which are also distracting, are allowed. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration prohibits the use of handheld cell phones while truck drivers are driving. The drivers are also forbidden from using hands-free phones if they must press more… Read more »

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Voice Command Helps Older Drivers Stay Focused on the Road Ahead

Infotainment systems that use single-voice commands help older drivers keep their attention focused on the roads much better than multi-step systems or manipulating knobs on the dashboard. Single-step voice command systems help drivers by reducing the amount of visual distraction. With multi-step voice command systems, researchers have found that as age increases, the systems become… Read more »

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