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Late for Work? Blame the Bus.

In a time when the Mayor’s office, City Council, and the member-organizations of the Downtown Denver Partnership are working to increase ridership for public transport, RTD is announcing a driver shortage for both light rail and busses that is causing major delays for Denverites. RTD’s assistant general manager of communications, Pauletta Tonilas, told The Denver… Read more »

Late for Work? Blame the Bus.

The Launch of Flying Cars

Sure, Colorado’s hovercraft test center crashed on the financial runway before the first flight. But that doesn’t mean the Jetsons life of our dreams – since Saturday morning cartoons didn’t involve kids of our own – will never happen in our era! And we, however begrudgingly, now have Uber to thank for it. With baby… Read more »

The Launch of Flying Cars

When an Employee is Negligent, the Employer Pays

When an employee’s negligence on the job causes injury, the employer is often responsible. There are so new caveats t that, but means of compensation still readily exist.

When an Employee is Negligent, the Employer Pays

Deliveries from the Past

Harken back to the days when the milk man used to cycle to and fro, carting an icebox on his bike with glasses of cold milk jingling inside. True, some of us will instead have to harken back to the days that the more… distinguished… members of our family recalled these tales for us with… Read more »

Amtrak: The Solution to All Your Front Range Needs

Colorado Springs, Castle Rock, Fort Collins, and other Front Range commuters: Your lives may be about to change… in a few years… perhaps… Colorado Department of Transportation has been contemplating — and is now studying — adding a passenger railway covering 173 miles of the Front Range corridor, according to the Denver Business Journal. The “study phase” means they are… Read more »

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The Never-Changing Caps

No one likes to think about the worst. But in our role as officers of the court, we are tasked with doing just that. All too often, we represent the families of people who have passed due to the negligence of another: families of injured children or working parents who will have years of recovery… Read more »

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Live, Work, or Walk on Broadway? Speak Now!

City and County of Denver is busy at work trying to increase access to Downtown businesses and residences. This time, they want to know about the Broadway/Lincoln corridor. If you work, live, walk, or bike along the corridor, or have ever sat through one light cycle just to get to the intersection in time for… Read more »

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How will they tackle Denver’s Growth?

Denver is growing. This we know. But did you know that the city population is projected to hit 849,000 by 2040? That’s an increase of over 150,000. We hear the collective groans from the natives and the worries of the morning and afternoon commuters. So do city officials. With AN eye to growth, city planners… Read more »

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