Don’t Fall for a Quick Check from the Insurance Company

by | Mar 26, 2024

Attorney Henry Queener

Attorney Henry Queener

To car insurance companies, it makes more business sense to pay out a minimal settlement amount versus working with you to resolve your claim. Insurance adjusters may try to coax car wreck victims into settling their claims quickly with low ball offers or quick checks. Having your claim open costs the insurance company time and money. Bottom line, don’t fall for a quick check from your insurance company. It may cost you later.

Unfortunately, what most car wreck victims don’t understand is this:

When car wreck victims sign a quick check, they have entered a binding contract representing themselves. For one lump sum, they have settled both their bodily injury and property damage claim.

Often, car wreck victims will start to see unresolved issues pop up like unpaid medical bills. They may start receiving collection notices for past medical bills that they are responsible for. Their health insurance company may refuse to pay due to injuries sustained in a car wreck. Maybe their medical treatment was more intensive than originally thought.

When car wreck victims represent themselves, they may find themselves in a trap they didn’t know existed with car insurance companies. Even a minor accident with minor injuries can result in a financial downfall when uninformed decisions are made. Hiring a personal injury lawyer like Henry Queener will ensure that car wreck victims get the best outcome. Let our highly experienced legal team work for you while you focus on recovering.

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