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Urban Avalanches: Colorado Passed Milestones

The clouds are rolling in and more of the powdery white stuff is on the way… snow, that is. This week may bring another 6” of snow to Denver, and this week’s storms are also bringing high winds of over 40 mph. Wind gusts are more dangerous to your commute than you might think. While… Read more »

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Over 11,000 Aircraft May Be Out of Compliance

FAA safety inspectors may have improperly approved thousands of aircraft for commercial operation without first reviewing the exemption limitations that could cause them to be prohibited. A whistleblower made a report to the Office of Special Counsel, which requested that the Federal Aviation Administration conduct an investigation. The investigation found that more than 11,000 planes… Read more »

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Jaywalking Accidents: Who’s at Fault?

Most people think that jaywalking accidents are the fault of the motorist, but under certain situations, the pedestrian may be partially or totally at fault. Liability in jaywalking accidents depends on proof of fault. Jaywalking Laws According to law, jaywalking violates pedestrian traffic laws set by each state. While it’s a low-level offense, most jurisdictions… Read more »

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Is Your Local Water Park Making You Sick?

When Tennesseans swim in pools and waterparks, they could become sick due to waste byproducts called chloramines and disease-causing pathogens that are present in the water if disinfection efforts are performed incorrectly. Many pools are disinfected with chlorine, but chlorine can form chemical byproducts with urine, sweat, and other organic waste that people leave in… Read more »

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Hit and Run Accidents Soar as More People Walk or Bike to Work

n Tennessee, the number of hit-and-run accident deaths has increased as more people are choosing to ride their bicycles or walk as a means of transportation. Drivers tend to flee the scene when accidents happen at night or in areas in which they are less likely to be caught. It is illegal for drivers to… Read more »

Hit and Run Accidents Soar as More People Walk or Bike to Work

Alarming Number of Recalled Toys Still Available for Purchase

Defective toys that have been recalled are still being sold by some online retailers, according to a recent study. It is important for parents to be aware of the toys that have been recalled so they can remove them from their homes. The toys that were found in the survey pose multiple hazards, including fires,… Read more »

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Injuries at Amusement Parks Are Common

While many Tennesseans enjoy visiting amusement parks every year with their families or friends, thousands of people are seriously injured during their visits. The regulations governing amusement park safety are inconsistent across the U.S., and some parks may be more dangerous for visitors than others. It is important for consumers to be aware of the… Read more »

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