Car Accident Photos Capture Crucial Details

by | Oct 11, 2018

Why Photos Are Important

Taking pictures immediately after an accident can help preserve crucial evidence of what occurred and which driver was at fault. Photographs can help prove a driver’s liability while also helping convince insurance companies that settling is a wise choice. Pictures can show the angles at which the vehicles collided, the direction of travel, the road and weather conditions, and other relevant information.

After an accident, it is common for people to be in states of shock. They might feel confused and unclear about exactly what happened. Pictures provide crucial information about what caused the accident that people might otherwise fail to notice or forget. Accident reconstructionists can use photographs to determine the relative positions of the vehicles, their speeds, and other contributing factors such as weather conditions or road conditions. This type of information can help present a clear picture of what happened and the liability of the responsible party or parties.


When and How to Take Photos

People who are injured in accidents that they believe were the fault of the other drivers should always try to take pictures immediately after the accidents. If they cannot do so themselves, they should ask someone else to photograph them. The pictures can be taken with a camera that is kept in the car or with a smartphone. The photographs should be taken before either vehicle is moved. People should take photographs of the positions of the cars and the damage to each. They should also take photographs of the other vehicle’s license plate. After getting these pictures, people should take wider pictures of the scene, including any road debris, skid marks, weather, nearby traffic control devices, or speed limit signs. Taking as many pictures as possible is a good idea.

In addition to taking pictures of the accident scene, people should also take photographs of their injuries. This can help show the link between the accident and the injuries if the insurance company attempts to blame the injuries on some intervening cause. People should also try to get the names and contact information of any witnesses who saw the accident so they can be contacted later. Having photographs and witness statements may help people succeed in subsequent claims with insurance companies.