Overpass Collision Results in Double Injury

by | Feb 15, 2016

Two Nashville road crew workers ended their work day on January 30 in the hospital after the scaffolding they were on was struck by a semi-truck. The men were working on an overpass section of the interchange between I-65 and I-440.

The accident occurred in mid-afternoon, typically a less dangerous time for construction crews. The truck truck collided with the bottom of the scaffolding, causing it to detach from the overpass. One of the men fell to the roadway below, while the other was able to remain on the scaffolding.

“An accident like this shows the danger from tractor-trailers on the road today,” says truck wreck attorney Henry Queener. “An accident can happen anywhere in Nashville, causing serious injury or even death to the victims.”

Damage to the truck’s trailer was extensive, with the roof being peeled off. The truck driver was not injured in the accident. Under Tennessee law, drivers must slow down or change lanes when construction workers are present. It is unclear at this time as to why the driver did not do so.

The Tennessee State Patrol responded to the accident and reported that the investigation into the accident would continue. No charges were filed against the driver of the tractor-trailer.

Both of the Tennessee Department of Transportation workers were transported to a local hospital for treatment and were expected to make a complete recovery. If the driver of the tractor trailer did not follow proper rules of the road, they may have cause to contact a truck wreck attorney to further investigate the case.

Being Saturday afternoon, impact on traffic flow was minor. Traffic remained backed up for a short time after the accident but was quickly cleared.

The identity of the workers and the truck driver involved in the accident were not released by the State Patrol.