Live, Work, or Walk on Broadway? Speak Now!

City and County of Denver is busy at work trying to increase access to Downtown businesses and residences. This time, they want to know about the Broadway/Lincoln corridor. If you work, live, walk, or bike along the corridor, or have ever sat through one light cycle just to get to the intersection in time for… Read more »

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How will they tackle Denver’s Growth?

Denver is growing. This we know. But did you know that the city population is projected to hit 849,000 by 2040? That’s an increase of over 150,000. We hear the collective groans from the natives and the worries of the morning and afternoon commuters. So do city officials. With AN eye to growth, city planners… Read more »

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Urban Avalanches: Colorado Passed Milestones

The clouds are rolling in and more of the powdery white stuff is on the way… snow, that is. This week may bring another 6” of snow to Denver, and this week’s storms are also bringing high winds of over 40 mph. Wind gusts are more dangerous to your commute than you might think. While… Read more »

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The Governor’s “Electric Bills”

Governor Polis has hit the ground running with his new administration, and the House and Senate are in a flurry with new legislation. Oil and gas regulation, minimum wage, and cryptocurrencies have all been addressed in proposed and signed bills, but there are a few others being tossed around regarding electric vehicles. The Denver public… Read more »

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A Headache with Built-In Treatment Options

Starting June 1, 2019, running into 2022, eighteen miles of I-25 will go under construction… all at the same time. The Gap from Castle Rock to Monument is getting a face-lift, and the folks at CDOT have decided it best to tackle it in one fell swoop. This sounds like a nightmare to anyone and… Read more »

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Trouble with Taxes? Buy an EV.

Need relief from your tax burden? Buy an electric vehicle. Governor Polis’s administration is pushing HB19–159 through the House, extending tax credits for electric vehicles, according to Judith Kohler of The Denver Post. The original bill, set to end in 2021, will presumably be extended to 2025. There’s a credit for each vehicle size: 1. Passenger Electric or… Read more »

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I-25: Gridlock Defined

Ever driven on I-25? Then enough said. CDOT has heard our continuous gripes, as well as the stats on the horrific number of wrecks that happen at the 6th Avenue/Auraria interchange. Plans are being made to address the gridlock, and CDOT has requested that the community participate. Click here to participate in the survey regarding the project… Read more »

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In a War Between Hovercraft and Scooters, Who Wins?

Hovercraft, self-driving vehicles, autonomous buses — all modern innovations touted by the Tech Gods as the next greatest technology to hit our city streets. Just weeks ago, Tesla and other innovators debuted their versions of Jetsons-like vehicles in blue-print and digital formats at tech-gatherings across the world. And we’ve all seen YouTube videos of autonomous vehicle testing,… Read more »

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