Teen driving fatalities have been increasing in Tennessee and in the rest of the country, making it important for parents […]

When Tennesseans swim in pools and waterparks, they could become sick due to waste byproducts called chloramines and disease-causing pathogens […]

The move to autonomous trucks may place added stress on Tennessee truck drivers and lead to new dangers from fatigue, […]

In Tennessee, some accidents are caused by tires separating from vehicles on the highways that then crash into other cars. […]

While there is always a risk of being involved in a car accident in Tennessee, there are certain times, days […]

In Tennessee, truck drivers are prohibited from using their cell phones with their hands, but hands-free systems, which are also […]

Infotainment systems that use single-voice commands help older drivers keep their attention focused on the roads much better than multi-step […]

The American trucking industry is heavily regulated, but regulations may not be enough to keep Tennessee roadways safe. Although other […]

A Republican-sponsored bill in Congress would expand a pilot program under the FAST Act to allow drivers under the age […]

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