Tennessee bus accident draws attention to passenger safety

Out of the 43 people who were traveling on two buses that were involved in a tragic collision in November of 2014, 24 people were injured, three lost their lives and 16 escaped without harm, according to Local 8 Now News. As the Knoxville Police Department continues to investigate this bus accident, they have released information… Read more »

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Tennessee teens and drunk driving

When people choose to climb behind the wheel after drinking, they put the lives of everyone else on the road in danger. Many automobile accident attorneys Gallatin know that in a split second, a bad decision can lead to a catastrophic accident. That is what happened to a young Tennessee teen celebrating spring break with his friends… Read more »

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The 3 types of distractions that drivers engage in

Although talking or texting on a cellular device may be one of the most common forms of distracted driving, there are many other activities that drivers engage in that can be considered distracting and dangerous as well. An auto collision accident involving distracted driving is a case that a Nashville car accident lawyer would be familiar with…. Read more »

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Why it’s important to let law enforcement conduct a car accident investigation

The few moments following a car accident can be extremely stressful and overwhelming, especially if there are injuries or deaths involved. Even minor fender benders can place a significant amount of pressure on Tennessee motorists who may have to file accident claims with their insurance company. While some motorists may believe that they can handle… Read more »

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Even without criminal charges, you can still hold a driver liable for their actions

Thousands of motor vehicle accidents occur each year in Tennessee. Recently, WIJHL reported that a car in Nashville hit another car, which had stopped in the lane of traffic. The driver of the stopped car, a university student, told law enforcement that he had been studying for finals and that he could have been asleep…. Read more »

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Handle icy roads safely in Tennessee with these 4 tips

After a severe storm in early November left Tennessee roadways covered with snow and ice, and had law enforcement officers responding to more than 140 traffic accidents, many Tennessee motorists are preparing for possible storms ahead, according to Commercial Appeal News. Icy roads can increase the risk of car accidents, serious injuries and death for those who… Read more »

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Hit-and-run accident in Memphis workzone sends man to hospital

Driving through a construction zone can be hazardous in itself, especially when motorists are driving erratically. A Memphis driver who caused a serious workzone accident that sent one man to the hospital has not been identified, as he or she left the scene of the accident. According to WMC Actions News, the driver had attempted to maneuver… Read more »

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Driver selfies take distraction to new level

Over 56 percent of American adults own smartphones with photo-taking abilities, according to a poll taken by Pew Research Internet Project. This gives millions of people the opportunity to take the perfect selfie and post it to their favorite social media website. However, a growing number of Tennessee motorists are taking selfies while they are… Read more »

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Traffic accident involving three semis injures motorists on Tennessee highway

Both truck driver negligence and equipment malfunction contributed to an enormous traffic accident involving three tractor trailers and two cars near Monteagle. According to the Chattanooga Times Free Press, motorists were injured when the axle of a commercial truck carrying eggs snapped in two, causing the truck to overturn and spill its contents across the highway. As… Read more »

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