Traffic lights in Colorado sometimes malfunction or are defective and cause accidents, leading to questions of liability. When a defective […]

While the overall number of crash deaths in the United States has decreased slightly, the motor vehicle accident fatality rate […]

Listening to loud music can negatively impact a driver’s reaction times and driving abilities. Studies indicate that listening to certain […]

Relay trucking could be the answer to improving truckers’ work/life balance, preventing accidents, and saving lives. According to the FMCSA […]

FAA safety inspectors may have improperly approved thousands of aircraft for commercial operation without first reviewing the exemption limitations that […]

The nationwide truck driver shortage could result in younger truckers behind the wheel of big rigs that cross state lines, […]

In Tennessee, the number of hit-and-run accident deaths has increased as more people are choosing to ride their bicycles or […]

A recent crash in Utah has raised concerns that drivers may be inattentive when they are using autopilot, failing to […]

A tragic incident involving a teen that died after calling 911 while trapped in his van highlights problems with emergency […]

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