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When Bikers are Injured in a Crash, We Fight to Win

If you were injured in a motorcycle accident, call our injury attorneys at Queener Law right away. If you talk to the insurance company, accept a settlement offer, or wait too late, you could lose your right to recover money for your injuries.

Our team understands that disabilities, pain and suffering, and emotional trauma after a motorcycle crash can be challenging to endure. Even more, the financial burdens that accompany a wreck can be almost impossible to bear. Massive medical bills, the cost of medications, and specialty care are enormous and can drain your finances. Never settle for the first offer you receive from the insurance company. Call us instead. When you retain our services, we will provide honest answers to your claims-related questions. We’ll guide you through the complexities of the legal system to make sure you understand the progression of your case. We will fight to ensure that at-fault drivers, defective motorcycle parts manufacturers, and other responsible parties reimburse you for your losses.

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Motorcycle Accidents Are Serious Business

As a motorcyclist, you have very little protection in a crash. Helmets and special clothing are all that stands between bikers and other drivers on the roads. With limited protection, spinal cord injuries, TBI, severe burns, and other life-altering injuries are common when a biker is in an accident. Many bikers in motorcycle wrecks don’t make it out alive.

  • In 2016, there were 5,286 bikers killed in motorcycle accidents on US roadways.
  • There were 113 deaths in Kentucky alone.
  • Another 88,000 people were severely injured in crashes that same year.
  • Drug and alcohol consumption, distracted drivers, speeding, and aggressive driving account for the majority of motorcycle crashes in the United States.

Recovering Money for Motorcycle Injuries

If you’re injured in a motorcycle crash, it’s important to have experienced injury attorneys on your side. Insurance companies will go to great lengths to minimize injury settlements and deny wrongful death claims. Bikers like you often take the fall financially after a wreck. You may be accused of reckless driving, speeding, or failing to obey traffic signs and signals. Despite the allegations, however, it is often negligent truckers and passenger car drivers, defective equipment, or dangerous roads that are to blame in a motorcycle wreck.

Without skilled legal representation, fast-talking insurance representatives will try to sabotage the success of your claim. Insurance companies may claim to have your best interests at heart, but what they are really worried about is their own bottom line. Representatives often twist the words of injury victims to displace fault after a crash. They talk injured people into accepting low settlement offers. Sometimes they convince injured people that they are the ones at fault for the accident. They may even try to get them to cancel their claim and get no money at all. Our motorcycle injury lawyers are here to make sure that doesn’t happen to you.

How Much Is Your Motorcycle Wreck Worth?

Determining liability and damages after a motorcycle crash should never be left to the insurance company. Liability is determined by gathering evidence and examining all elements of the accident including driver actions, vehicle performance, and road hazards. The assessment of damages should be done by evaluating ongoing medical treatment, lost past and future wages, and a variety of other factors that impact the life of the victim.

When you’re hurt in a motorcycle crash, our accident lawyers can help you recover money for:

  • Income: Lost wages and the inability to earn money in the future should be considered.
  • Medical Costs: Money for doctor visits, hospitalizations, surgeries and other medical treatment can be recovered.
  • Pain and Suffering: Victims can recover compensation for pain and suffering, emotional trauma, and other non-economic damages.
  • Loss of Life: When bikers are killed in motorcycle crashes, their surviving family members may be able to recover money for burial expenses, medical treatment before death, loss of companionship, and lost income.

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