Sexual Assault

Our firm is proud to serve the survivors of sexual assault in Colorado. Sexual violence and assault continues to be a serious problem in our society, despite the growing attention these cases are gathering in the media. Often overlooked is the lasting treatment – both emotional and physical – the survivors need in order to heal from the trauma of their experiences.

Jennifer and her team treat each case with the seriousness and confidentiality, as well as tenderness and support, you deserve. A survivor herself, Jennifer is uniquely aware of the needs of our clients and their families.

Colorado Sexual Assault Law

Under the laws of the State of Colorado, whether or not a sexual assault perpetrator is being charged criminally for their actions, a survivor may bring a personal injury civil action against the assailant, their employer, and/or the property owner where the act occurred. This is because a civil lawsuit is a separate action for civil monetary damages, distinct from the criminal action for punishment.

Whether a survivor has a potential claim depends on a number of factors, including but not limited to whether employers and landowners had notice of the potential for the act to occur and whether security was provided. The existence of proper insurance coverage may also be a factor.

Survivors may bring actions for unwanted touching and groping, as well as attempted and completed assaults.

Potential Remedies for Sexual Assault

Colorado Law allows for several categories of remedies for sexual assault survivors under civil law, including but not limited to:

  • Past, present, and future medical care,
  • Past, present, and future lost wages,
  • Physical harms and losses,
  • Emotional and mental harms and losses,
  • Loss of quality of life,
  • Loss of consortium for the survivor’s wife, and
  • Punitive damages for punishment of the assailant.

Jennifer and her team will consult with you free and confidentially to help you decide whether a civil pathway is right for you as a survivor of sexual assault. If you choose to trust our firm with this extremely significant task, we always proceed with no hourly fees. As in all cases, our firm only gets paid if we are successful. We will guide you through this process at your pace, in a way that only a team led by a fellow survivor can.

All experiences are different. But we will listen so you know you are not alone and that we are here to support you. Call when you are ready.

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