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The Mine Safety and Health Administration reports that certain accidents occur repeatedly on U.S. haul roads. These are very often […]

In late April, a semi casually rolled into a home in Greenbrier. The driver left his rig unattended to visit […]

Washington, DC – April 25, 2016—This week the United States Senate began deliberations on a new budget for the Department […]

New rules make it easier to hold truckers accountable for how many hours they are behind the wheel. This will […]

Statistics show that approximately 5,000 people die every year in semi truck accidents in the United States. Out of those […]

In an effort to prevent trucking accidents, the Tennessee Highway Patrol has unveiled the “Share the Road Trailer.” It is a […]

Two Nashville road crew workers ended their work day on January 30 in the hospital after the scaffolding they were on was […]

Truck drivers throughout the nation spend countless hours driving in adverse weather conditions like high winds, ice and snow. Unfortunately, […]

Each year, approximately 4,000 Americans lose their lives due to accidents with big rigs. An additional 85,000 are injured. Since […]

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