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The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires regular safety inspections and maintenance for commercial trucks. Violations result in trucking […]

The loss of a tire on a semi-truck can cause the vehicle to veer out of control and cause an […]

Since his inauguration, President Trump has already had an effect on the trucking industry, and his targeting of regulations may […]

A variety of large truck trends are evolving the trucking industry and will likely reshape the way transportation of products […]

With the Republicans controlling both legislative branches as well as the executive branch, trucking industry groups are targeting safety regulations, […]

Technology is expected to curb the recent rise in fatalities associated with commercial trucks. A series of studies found that […]

Drivers frequently find themselves slamming on the breaks to avoid hitting a car or truck that is driving slowly in […]

Semi truck accident attorneys see lots of accidents where truckers are fatigued or have logged too many hours. E-logs are supposed […]

Federal trucking regulations aim to reduce traffic accidents, but they fail to address many of the root causes of the […]

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