Month: November 2014

Not only do car and motorcycle accidents have serious emotional and financial repercussions, they can have severe, life-changing physical effects […]

Motorcycle fatalities in Tennessee have increased dramatically, from 42 deaths in 1998 to 134 deaths in 2013, according to the […]

Although driving a large commercial truck requires skill and concentration, some truck drivers engage in distractive behaviors while sitting behind […]

Many residents of Davidson County have either been involved in a traffic accident or know someone who has. According to […]

Over 2.36 million people were injured in car accidents in 2012, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. While […]

Although talking and texting on a cellphone while driving is considered one of the most hazardous driver distractions, there are […]

Although motorcyclists have the same rights as all other types of vehicles on Tennessee roadways, many drivers seem oblivious to […]

Whether they are driving down the turn lane, running red lights or confusing the gas pedal for the brake, some […]

Distraction is what allegedly caused a Tennessee truck driver to swerve his tractor trailer into oncoming traffic, hitting a bus […]

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